Custom Fabrication

Liba Fabrics is proud to introduce our Custom Fabrication Division. After years of calls and requests we can now accommodate all of your fabrication needs.

Capabilities - Drapes, Curtains, Skirting, Truss Covers, All Linen, Banners and more...

Choose - From any of our 25+ fabrics and 1000+ color options.

Design - Let us know the full dimensions of the product you are trying to create.

Wait - Our turnaround times are generally one week and we can rush if needed.

Why go with Liba?

  1. Supply Chain - We own the fabric and sew in house to eliminate additional costs and added lead times elsewhere!
  2. Quality - The same fabric quality that you already love from Liba is exactly what we will provide in the finished product!
  3. Customer Service - Second to none in the industry. We can get you a quote immediately and will work with you to stay in budget and on schedule.

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custom fabrication

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